My Best Teaching Is One-on-One


Of course, I team teach and do special lessons, etc.


But my best work in the classroom is after the lesson is over --
going one-on-one,
helping individual students with their assignments.


It's kind of like with computer programs, walking the client through hands-on.
The job isn't really done until the customer is using the program.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

decentralization -- 集中排除

Up until last Monday, I had been using my free-loader account at to publish my personal web server at the domain name They've been changing the lineup in their free product line, which is perfectly within their rights. But, right now, I can't afford to pay even the small yearly fee for basic dynamic dns, so my personal web server is now off-line.

先週の月曜日までは、 のボクの無料アカウントを使って のドメイン名で自家用のサーバーを公開していました。 の方は、オマケの製品を調節しています。その責任と権限は当然彼らのものです。しかし、ボクは、その基本動的 dns のわずかな料金にしても、今は財布から出せないのです。そのため、ボクの個人ウェブサーバーが繋がらないままです。

For various technical reasons, I had wanted to move to a paying account years ago. But I have to feed my family.


Why do I think it's important to have my own domain name?




A decentralized network is a more robust network. (This principle needs further discussion, but not here.)


In the original plan for the internet, every terminal computer attached to the network was supposed to have its own host (sub-domain) name. (And its own permanent IP address, but that's another topic for another day.)

インターネットの元々の計画では、ネットワークに接続する端末コンピュータは固有のホスト名(下位ドメイン名)を割り当てられているはずです。(さらに、IP アドレスも持っているはずですが、それはまた違う日の課題です。)

So, if my provider were yahoo (It isn't.), yahoo might set me up with, and that would be the name of my router (and perhaps a primary computer behind my router). Other computers inside my router might be named,, and And I could set up mail addresses of my own, say,

(ヤフーではないけど)仮にプロバイダーがヤフーだとすると、ヤフーからは のドメイン名を割り当ててくれるとします。それが家のルーターのアドレスになる。(またルーターのこちら側の主コンピュータのドメイン名かも知れません。)内側のほかのコンピュータは例えば や 及び そして自分でEメールアドレスを割り当てるのです。例えば

This solves a whole lot of security-related problems, all by itself. If, for instance, becomes a spam magnet because I gave it to an unscrupulous salesman, I no longer have to ask my ISP for a new address.

これだけでいろんなセキュリティの問題を解決します。例えば、 を良心の無い営業マンに渡してしまって、要求無し営利的Eメールがどっさりと入ってくる場合は、わざわざ新しいEメールアドレスを ISP に頼む必要がない。

That's just a small example of how the current centralized mode of control makes a mess of the internet.


It's time to change.


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