My Best Teaching Is One-on-One


Of course, I team teach and do special lessons, etc.


But my best work in the classroom is after the lesson is over --
going one-on-one,
helping individual students with their assignments.


It's kind of like with computer programs, walking the client through hands-on.
The job isn't really done until the customer is using the program.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Passed the LPIC Level 1

Since I bragged about the JLPT, I suppose I should tell anyone who's listening: I passed the Linux Professional Institute Certification at level 1 at the end of the summer. (Last day of August, in fact.)

I suppose it was about time. I've been using Linux and other *nix OSses long enough. I really should have passed both level 1 and 2 over the summer, but I let a lot of unimportant things (and a few important ones) get in the way. So I'm working through a level 2 text (in Japanese, Linux 教科書 LPIC レベル2 第3版 on the train home, and trying to squeeze time in on the computer on the weekends to practice some of the stuff I really haven't done yet, like setting up DNS and mail servers. Not squeezing in enough time, though.

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