My Best Teaching Is One-on-One


Of course, I team teach and do special lessons, etc.


But my best work in the classroom is after the lesson is over --
going one-on-one,
helping individual students with their assignments.


It's kind of like with computer programs, walking the client through hands-on.
The job isn't really done until the customer is using the program.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I pad.

Well, yeah, Apple has hit the sweet spot again with this iPad thing. According to the sales reports, they've hit a good market window, too. They're good at that sort of thing.


And the processor is neither INTEL nor x86. Yay!


Yeah, I want one. A whole bunch, in fact, one for each member of my family.


No, my budget isn't going to stretch that far. Not this year.


My wife and children really wouldn't know what to do with an iPad anyway.

まあ、家の嫁さん、子供たちは今のところ iPad なんてそれほど使いこなせないでしょう。

Eh. Wait a minute.


My children would figure it out quickly enough, and the boss would not be far behind.


By the time I can afford one, I'm sure they'll have a lot of the bugs worked out.


Maybe there will even be solutions to make them compatible with Linux machines. (Fat chance of that.)


[update -- June 5th]

I was in Osaka last week wrapping up the contract that just ended, and I took the chance to drop by the Apple Store and check the iPad out.

先週、終わった契約の後片付けに、大阪に行った。ついでにアップルストアに寄り道して、 iPad を視てきた。

Erm. I guess my enthusiasm gets a little moderation here.


It feels like a large cell phone. Yeah. Klunky.


No, I take that back. It's not that bad.


No way I would put it in the same class as my Docomo-branded Panasonic-built Linux-hidden-in-there-somewhere-and-where-is-the-source? cell phone.


It feels like the iPhone on steroids.

ステロイド射たれて拡大された iPhone という感じだ。

Oh. That's what it is.


Maybe I still want one, or maybe I want Sharp's NetWalker instead. If I had the budget, I'd probably want both.

まだ欲しいかも知らない。でも、シャープ社の NetWalker を先に欲しいかも分からない。予算あれば両方欲しい。

But what I really want, nobody seems to want to make.


I want the NetWalker with the cellphone radio and headset jack built-in.

携帯無線電話装置と、ヘッドホン・マイクの差し込み口を内在している NetWalker がほしい。

(Maybe an iPhone with a blue-tooth keyboard will do? Oh, and I'd have to buy into the developer program, too. Gotta be able to program it myself. But I want to be able to tweak the programs when I'm on the train, too.

iPhone とブルートゥースキーボートを組み合わせたらどう、かな?ただし、開発者プログラムにも有料登録しないと行けない。自分でプログラムを組むから、な。でも、電車に乗っている間プログラム弄ることができないとダメ。あかん、アカン。)

iPad? Again, I need a physical keyboard. The iPhone/iPad user interface model is too narrow for me.

アイパッドはどうでしょう?本物のキーボードはここにもいる。ボクには iPhone/iPad の利用者接触面が狭すぎる。

I found myself continually wanting to do something the UI architects haven't been able to squeeze in yet.


In the case of cursor control, the UI takes too long figuring out I want to edit, and there are places it won't give me cursor control at all.


And the developer program, of course. But I haven't checked. Does the developer program provide the tools for compiling on the iPad itself?

やはり、開発者プログラムも要る。しかしまだ未確認の点ですが、 iPad 本体上にコンパイルするのは可能かな?

What I want instead of the iPad is the Macbook Air. Running both Linux and Mac OS X. (Can you really squeeze a useable Parallels install into a Macbook Air?) On a non-Intel processor. (Thank you for your non-support, Intel.) Preferably a multiprocessor ARM, although I'd take a dual G4 PPC. Or even an AMD!

iPad の代わりに欲しいのは Macbook Air かも知れない。ただし、リナックスもマック・オ・エス・テンも平行に稼働しているまま。(Parallels を本格的に、使いこなせる形、 Macbook Air に搾って導入できるでしょう?)それはインテル社以外のプロセッサーだよ。(インテルよ!非応援ありがとう!)望ましくは 複合 ARM。 Dual G4 PPC でもいい。さもなければ AMD!